Physical Sciences 3

Concept Sheets
Spring 2008

s1L1 and L2Coulomb's Law and Electric Fieldsdownload
s2L3 and L4Gauss's Law, Electric Potential, Coulombic Forcesdownload
s3L5 and L6Voltage, Current, Resistance, Capacitancedownload
s4L7 and L8Kirchhoff's Rules & RC Circuitsdownload
s5L9 and L10Fourier Series & RC Filtersdownload
s6L11 and L12Binary Coding, Digital Circuits, Magnetism (2 sheets)download download
s8L13, L14 and L15Induction, Waves, Ray Model of Light, Polarization (2 sheets)download download
s9L16 and L17Index of Refraction in Materials, Lenses, Microscopydownload
s10L18 and L19Interference, Diffraction, Resolutiondownload
s11L20The Doppler Effect & Beatsdownload
s12L21 and L22Boltzmann Distribution, Entropy, Chemical Reactionsdownload

Because of the popular demand for my concept sheets, notes I made when I taught PS3 Spring of 2008, I've decided to post them here for students taking PS3 to download at their convenience. I have organized the notes by section number and lecture. These notes are my property and may not be used/passed off as your own "cheat sheet(s)" for PS3. They are designed to be used as study aids.

Also, as I am human, I do make mistakes. If you find an error in any of these documents, please email me at ajiwani at post dot harvard dot edu to let me know. I'll be happy to fix it. Thank you.
Software: Unless otherwise noted, all files are Adobe Acrobat files and require version 6.0 or newer of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.
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